Corporate Flight Attendant Training/Cabin Provisioning /Consulting

Let's be honest, business aviation is fast paced and an ever changing industry. Whether your aircraft is Part 91 operated by a corporate entity or a private individual; or Part 135, on a charter certificate, you must have the most professional and qualified in-flight crew to represent you and your company's standards.

If you are a Part 121 operation and wish a high end cabin experience for your passengers, we are available to consult with you to bring your cabin crew up to the Part 91 standards.

  • In a Part 135 environment the manner in which your customers are taken care of can have a direct fiscal impact on your return business.
  • We can help ensure your customer's return business by giving them and you the best trained corporate flight attendants in the industry.
  • We also provide international / domestic in-house training classes upon request. We will travel to your operation and conduct our training at your facility incorporating your specific SOP's into the training. Your aircraft, passengers / customers must have a competent, food safety aware, savvy, team playing, attentive and discreet "corporate specific" trained third crew member. Corporate protocol is of the utmost importance in our industry.
  • Your customers will feel confident and safe knowing that they have a trained professional in the back of the aircraft.
  • We specialize in getting the back of an aircraft completely provisioned and stocked per your client's needs.
  • We have a nine page passenger profile form from the music they wish to have onboard to the type of mouth wash they like.
Every business aircraft needs galley, cabin and lavatory supplies/amenities for passenger comfort and service.

  • If you just received delivery of a newly acquired aircraft we will outfit the back from the galley linens to the lavatory items needed to keep your customer comfortable and happy.
  • Your client's preferences for their galley pantry and their respective religious or dietary pantry stocked items are very important.
  • Specific cereals, chewing gum - sugarless or not, wines, beer, lavatory amenities.
  • Favorite tooth paste, soaps, hand creams, etc.

It requires major detail in providing every amenity for a business jet.

We also do aircraft interior design. Their office / home while traveling must reflect their style and desired motif. Does your galley support food safety implementation and appropriate equipment / space for aircraft that are long range? If your aircraft is pre owned
and needs a galley re modification, we can look at your "catering expectations" when flying and accommodate your new galley to support your culinary mission and food safety implementation. We are experienced in the Gulfstream, Falcon, Legacy, Challenger and Boeing equipment.

Susan C. Friedenberg has been active in business aviation for the last 29 years. She has flown on a contract and full time basis and created this training company 15 years ago. She conducts training classes in the following cities as well as conducting In-House training's globally for flight departments:

* Long Beach, California
* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Susan has been an active sitting member on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Flight Attendant Committee in Washington, DC for 19 years since its' inception.

Susan is a BLOG writer for Universal Weather and a contributor and Consultant Editor on corporate aviation flight attendant training and safety issues for business aviation in the International On Line Magazine; Blue Sky News produced by Newslett Publishing in the UK -

She also writes for a new publication called - Business Aviation Advisor


Our Mission Statement:

Our goal is for anyone that wants to be a Corporate Flight Attendant on a business aircraft to receive the best training out there. We want you EMPOWERED in the interview process and on your first trip. Our goal is for you to fly that first trip and then be called back
to fly again!

You will learn how to transition from    commercial aviation to business    aviation if you are a "transition"    person.

This training program is absolutely for    the novice as well.

We have trained many people that    have no aviation experience at all. If    you have the skills and the savvy for    this type of work, this is an industry    for you.

In this training you will learn what to    do from the moment you are called to    take a trip until the trip's completion.

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