Aircraft Cabin Shopping/Provisioning/Stocking

We do aircraft interior design. We will go to the Design Center and work in conjunction with their specialists per your aircraft's mission. Their office / home while traveling must reflect their personal style and desired motif. Does your galley support food safety implementation and appropriate equipment / space for aircraft that are long range? We are experienced in the Gulfstream, Falcon, Legacy, Challenger and Boeing equipment. Corporate aircraft have a longer flying range and keeping food safe from potential harm and bacteria is of the utmost importance. Bacteria doubles every 20 minutes and without a galley that is supportive of food safety, your passengers and crews are targets for food poisoning. We can work with the design team to make sure that your passengers are kept safe.

We specialize in getting the back of any aircraft completely provisioned and stocked per your client's needs after delivery. We have a nine page passenger profile form from the music they wish to have onboard to the type of mouth wash they like. Every business aircraft needs galley, cabin and lavatory supplies for your passengers business, comfort and service.

If you just received delivery of a newly acquired aircraft we will outfit the back from the galley linens to the lavatory items needed to keep your customer comfortable and happy. It requires major detail in providing every amenity for a business jet. This includes the correct bedding, pillows, blankets, comforters, (Are they allergic to polyester / down / wool, etc). Managing the detail of a total aircraft shop can be a daunting task to say the least! We use very high end vendors and specialty stores to achieve the best results. An aircraft is no different then their home / office at 46,000 feet!

Your client's preferences for their galley pantry (Non perishable food items ) and their respective religious, food trends or dietary restrictions for pantry stocked items are very important. What are their non alcoholic beverage choices? Specific cereals, chewing gum - sugarless or not, wines, beer, lavatory amenities, (Favorite tooth paste, soaps, hand creams, etc.)

We are there to take the burden off of you and do the detail work. At the end of the day, your CEO/Clients will thank you for contracting us!

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Our Mission Statement:

Our goal is for anyone that wants to be a Corporate Flight Attendant on a business aircraft to receive the best training out there. We want you EMPOWERED in the interview process and on your first trip. Our goal is for you to fly that first trip and then be called back
to fly again!

You will learn how to transition from    commercial aviation to business    aviation if you are a "transition"    person.

This training program is absolutely for    the novice as well.

We have trained many people that    have no aviation experience at all. If    you have the skills and the savvy for    this type of work, this is an industry    for you.

In this training you will learn what to    do from the moment you are called to    take a trip until the trip's completion.

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