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October 14, 2009
To whom it may concern,
I would like to introduce Susan C. Friedenberg, and discuss with you, Susan's professional qualifications and work performed for Peterson Air, LLC / Petebridge, LLC. Our Challenger 300 completed delivery August 4, 2009 and was not ordered with cabin service in mind. The CL-30 has a large and voluminous cabin, but a very small and flight attendant unfriendly galley. I am the Aviation Department Manager with decades of experience and this was my 10th new aircraft in 16 years; however, when asked to add a flight attendant for certain international and long range domestic trips I knew I needed a true professional, disciplined, and schooled in cabin service to outfit and work in such a space.
After doing some Internet research I found Susan on NBAA's Airmail and then website. I contacted her and we discussed at length the missions we do, destinations, configurations, et cetera. From our initial phone conversation, Susan provided an estimate of cost for her time to properly outfit the cabin and agreed to serve as our flight attendant for the first flight. In addition, we agreed Susan would return to train our own part time flight attendants at a later date.
Susan arrived on Sunday, as planned and went straight to work measuring and taking notes on the plane. Monday morning began the shopping extravaganza! Susan looks to spend money as if it were her own. I even had to convince her it was fine to purchase the more expensive china. Three days of shopping and some very tired feet later we were ready to fly to Oregon from Louisville.
Our mission included the CEO, four business partners, and two guests, all with golf clubs. These are real 'meat and potatoes' types and they were completely overwhelmed by the food offered to them. A two course breakfast with three course lunch on the way to Eugene and a four course dinner on the way back, incredible, especially for the size of the galley available to her. Her meal service was so spectacular she received a standing ovation on the dinner flight home!!!
Susan returned to Louisville in early October to complete the training we requested. Her regular four day training syllabus covered everything from 'soup to nuts,' so to speak, and she was again, awesome!
The level of detail she provides is beyond what one would expect, even from a seasoned professional.
I cannot, in any way, imagine disappointment in allowing Susan to be a part of your flight operations startup. Please don't hesitate to contact me at the number in my signature block and my best to you and your flight department; as you move forward with Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Consulting Services.
Timothy L. Peace, MBA, CAM, IS-BAO Auditor Aviation Department Manager Petebridge, LLC 1179 Standiford Court Louisville, Kentucky 40213 812.620.0834

To Whom It May Concern:
It is my pleasure to share with you the work Susan C Friedenberg has done for our company on our new Challenger 604, serial number 5640. Our company accepted delivery of 5640 from Midcoast Aviation at the beginning of August. This was our first large-cabin aircraft and quite honestly neither I, nor any of our other pilots, knew what we needed for an aircraft with such capabilities. The aircraft left the completion center with a beautifully finished interior and galley area but, sadly, that was it. There was literally nothing aboard the aircraft except manuals and a roll of toilet paper! Luckily, I remembered seeing several posts on the NBAA Airmail by Susan.
After doing some Internet research I called Susan and we spoke at length about the kind of flying we did, destinations, layout of the aircraft, etc. We set a meeting for the following week at our hangar so Susan could see the aircraft in person and get a feel for the interior and what we might need. After seeing the airplane and reviewing her notes from our initial phone conversation Susan gave an estimate of what it would cost and how much time it would take to properly outfit the cabin. I gave Susan the go-ahead and she shopped til she dropped.
Everything Susan purchased for the airplane was functional, beautiful, and of extremely high quality. Most people would assume that such great items cost ridiculous amounts of money but that's not the case. I felt that Susan spent our money like it was her own. She made good use of the numerous outlet and discount stores, like TJ Maxx or Ross, located in our area for many of the items as well as Bloomingdale's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and other specialty stores.. With the exception of some returns and items that our CEO requested later the entire process took less than one week.
When the CEO finally came on board the airplane after Susan was finished he was absolutely stunned by the work she had done on our behalf. He made a point of going through each and every drawer and cabinet to survey what was purchased. He couldn't have been happier. He commented how every item was so well thought out and very important to making a passenger's travel experience even more pleasant. There are spare reading glasses for the CEO (who always seems to lose his at the worst time), basic medicines and toiletries for both men and women, fine linens and placemats - even high thread count sheets and the exact down pillows that the CEO prefers. Thus, if he is sleeping on a long flight he'll be as comfortable as possible.
The galley set-up is just as comprehensive. We have essentials in our galley that I would have never thought of until it was too late. Again, everything was of high quality but at the same time not overly expensive. At the end of this project our CEO was so pleased with the outcome that when we are in need of a well-trained, professional cabin attendant we are committed to using Susan as much as her schedule will allow. I feel that Susan's experience and assistance were invaluable to bringing our Challenger on line and I challenge anyone to find a person more dedicated and passionate about their profession. If you determine that your company requires the types of service that Susan provides I am sure she will far exceed your expectations. If you would like to discuss this further I am available at your convenience.
Chris Yoder Chief Pilot Sterling Aviation, Inc. 825 Berkshire Blvd., Suite 200 Wyomissing, PA 19610 Hangar: 610.898.1401 Mobile: 610.781.6166 E-mail: chris.yoder@pngaming.com
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