This is a one on one, five hour role playing training designed to produce the results needed when interviewing with any CEO, HR Person, Chief Pilot, Aviation Manager/Director, Chief Flight Attendant, Maintenance Chief, or Scheduler. How you "show up" in an interview and the way that you handle yourself is the only way that a potential employer can visualize you on their aircraft with their CEO. This is a very powerful and eye opening training.

Every corporation has a specific corporate profile and personality that differs from every other corporation. We will teach you how to research the information needed to walk into any interview as an informed corporate flight attendant candidate. Asking relevant and intelligent questions designed for this industry while anticipating trigger questions from the people asking the questions is crucial before accepting any corporate flight attendant position. These are the things that will set you a part from other candidates seeking the same position.

This is a training that has produced positive results for people breaking into business aviation. Regardless of the time that you invest in your job hunt whether it be for a full time flying position or flying contract, the interviewer will base their hiring decision on your "interview performance".

If you do not succeed in the interview process, you have just wiped out weeks or months of hard work trying to get the interview. The interview is clearly the most decisive part of your job hunting campaign within business aviation. Keep in mind that the interviewer does not know you at all. They only know what they read on your resume and that is what got you in the door. Your qualifications, background, experience and training might be very similar to other potential candidates. The way that you perform in the interview is crucial. This training will assist you in better formulating your career questions and articulating your thoughts in a corporate environment in front of the person making the hiring decisions. What your gain is from this training is that when you leave an interview, you want to leave with a job offer whether full time or contract.

This training is scheduled after our Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program in the cities that it is offered in as well as in Philadelphia upon request at any time. We cover in great length your corporate specific resume for business aviation and how to create a flight department cover letter "asking" for an interview and what their next steps are in their hiring process. It is a very effective 5-6 hour training!

Cost - $600.00

*Job qualifications land interviews, but interviewing skills land the job!*

***This training is conducted by appointment only. It is conducted the day after the initial four day training***

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